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Can You Split Stacks Of Items In Death Stranding

Can You Split Stacks Of Items In Death Stranding
Resources are rare and valuable, so you don’t want to waste them but sometimes you contribute more materials than you need, Can You Split Stacks Of Items In Death Stranding? Already a common question asked is how to split items into different stacks, but we’ve got some bad news.

This is only a real problem when you are constructing buildings and other items in the game world. Depending on how many resources are required and how many you have, you may need to waste more materials than needed to construct something.

Can You Split Stacks Of Items In Death Stranding?

You will get a message warning you of this. You have contributed more materials than are required for this upgrade. Excess materials will be lost, are you sure you want to proceed? Unfortunately, you’re stuck. You can always return to a nearby settlement and get smaller stacks of materials, but you cannot split stacks.

For example, if a road requires 200 more Metal to finish, a single package of 400 metal will finish the job, but the remaining 200 metal will be lost. However, if you bring two packages of 100 metal, you can achieve the same goal without losing additional metal.

Still, the ability to split and separate items into different stacks would be great.

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