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Can You Store Items In Resident Evil Village

Can You Store Items In Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village is full of items, treasures, and collectibles but it doesn’t take long to fill your inventory. And so, the question looms, can you store items in Resident Evil Village? With max inventory being filled within a few hours of playing, it’s no surprised people are already asking about the inventory limits, so let’s see what it’s all about.

To keep it short and simple, no. We have not found a way of storing items yet. There may be some hidden mechanic we’ve not discovered but that’s rarely the case. Such an important and integral feature is typically introduced to the player in such a way it cannot be missed. However, although you cannot store items, there is an alternative, you can increase your carrying capacity.

Can You Store Items In Resident Evil Village

Can You Store Items In Resident Evil Village
A few hours into the game there is the option to expand your inventory. It’s not exactly like storing items, but it’s a close second. You need to complete the castle and then return to the village. Find the 4 winged key and then speak with the merchant.

When you return to the merchant with the key, he will explain the path to the end of the game. You need to take down several enemies that are holding pieces of your daughter captive. Once you have completed this section of conversation with the merchant you can speak with him to open the shop as normal. This is where you can buy more items.

  • Inventory space is very limited in Resident Evil Village
  • You cannot store items or save them once collected although items you leave on the floor do persist
  • Item storage is not an option but you can increase your inventory, as explained above.
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