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Can You Walk With Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

We’ve always been fans of having a Pokemon follow you around in Pokemon games but Can You Walk With Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus? In recent years the Pokemon games have often included a feature where you can have one of your partner Pokemon follow you around the game world. Unfortunately however, that feature is not supported in Arceus.

We’re not really sure why the developers opted to not include this feature for Arceus. It was popular in nearly every game it was featured in. Back in the days from Pokemon Yellow when Pikachu would walk with you everywhere. In recent games the system evolved to let you have any Pokemon walk around with you. It’s even stranger when you consider that all of the models in Pokemon Legends Arceus are already 3D, they already have moving animations, it wouldn’t be too difficult to have the feature work.

Can You Walk With Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

It’s possible it was excluded for thematic reasons. In Pokemon Legends Arceus you’re helping to build the very first Pokedex. The world of Pokemon is still filled with unknowns, so having someone already skilled enough to simply walk around with Pokemon may not make much sense. Likely the same reason breeding was not included in the game.

While you can’t walk around with Pokemon you can interact with them. You can throw them out of your Pokeballs and talk to them or even throw out multiple Pokemon and watch them interact together.

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