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Which Car Should I Start With In Forza Horizon 2?

Which Car Should I Start With In Forza Horizon 2?

After the first race in Forza Horizon 2 you will have three cars you can choose to start off with. All of the cars are good but which one is the best? Check out all the details on the cars here to help you make your choice!

Which Starter Car Is The Best In Forza Horizon 2?

Ultimately when I play these racing games it normally comes down to money for me. It does not matter which car you choose you will still start the game off with 0 credits. That said some are worth more to sell then the others so if money is your priority go with the BMW. If you want to start off at a lower rank go with the Camaro. The Toyota is a decent car but for the price it isn’t practical to start off with.

TL;DR Go with the BMW. The Toyota is a nice car but you can earn 22k faster than 55k. The Camaro is a good option also but you unlock a Charger after you race a crop duster in your fifth race. The Charger is on par with the Camaro and is also in the Classic Performance division.

BMW Z4 sDrive35is

This car is the best car overall to start with from a money standpoint and a stat standpoint. Good speed and acceleration with good handling and braking. The downside to this car is it starts off in the A rank which means upgrading it will cost a lot more. If you are just planning to rack up credits and buy your own car then choose this one and don’t put any money into upgrading it. This car races in the Sports Cars division which means you will be racing against so very quick cars. Even though you will be facing similar cars if you get ahead with this beast you will stay ahead if you don’t mess up.

Toyota Supra RZ

This is a very balanced car with good stats overall. It’s cheap and starts of in the B so you won’t be racing against top tier cars right away. This is the cheapest of all three cars so if you plan on selling your starter car for extra cash avoid this one. This car races in the Street Rivals division which has both decent and good cars. This car costs half as much as the other two so this is really a car you can buy after a few races yourself.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe

Lowest stats and lowest rank. This car has terrible handling so depending on how you race you may want to avoid this one. If you are a safe driver and don’t hit other cars though this car could be one of your best by the time you get done upgrading it. It starts of at the D rank which is the lowest rank available. The price almost matches the BMW coming in at 45,000 credits. The car races in the Classic Performance division so expect to race against other low handling cars. It also looks the coolest in my opinion. I highly recommend you put some money into improving the handling of this car ASAP if you pick it. I ended up winning a Charger after my first four races so if you want variety go with the BMW instead of this car.

After you choose a car you will race with it right away. If you don’t like the feel or the types of cars you will be racing against then delete your saved data and pick another one. It’s better to go through the start again now than to get 3 hours into the game.

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