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How To Carry More Items And Increase Inventory In Prey

How To Carry More Items And Increase Inventory In Prey
Prey’s world of Talos 1 is filled with hazards, bizarre alien enemies and a space station full of leaks. However, there’s another challenge you’ll face in Prey – your inventory capacity. This guide will tell you How To Carry More Items And Increase Inventory In Prey so you can pick up all the junk you find, load up on weapons, carry plenty of meds and still have space to spare.

How To Carry More Items And Increase Inventory In Prey

You can upgrade your inventory carrying capacity very early in the game. As long as you pay attention when you’re exploring and pick up all of the Neruomod’s you can find. Once you’ve picked up a few Neuromod’s you’re able to upgrade your character in a variety of ways – but there’s one specific skill you want.

Check the Engineer tree. You must first have Repair 1, you can then choose the next upgrade which is Suit Modification 1. This upgrade is followed by Suit Modification II and Suit Modification III. As well as allowing you to equip more chipsets each of these upgrades also increases the amount of items you can carry.

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