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Where To Catch Rockruff In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Where To Catch Rockruff In Pokemon Sun And Moon
Rockruff is the Pokemon that Professor Kukui uses during battle. It is a rock type Pokemon and one of the first ones you can catch of this type. Check out this guide to find out Where To Catch Rockruff In Pokemon Sun And Moon!

Where To Find Rockruff In Pokemon Sun And Moon

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Rockruff is inside one of the caves on the island. In order to gain access to that cave you will have to beat the Grand Triall of the Island. This is basically the gym leader of the Island, even though they said the game didn’t have Gym battles. After you beat the Grand Trial you will be able to break Rocks on the Island. Once you can do that, you can gain access to Rockruff. Head down to the Pokemon Lab and go to the grass near the mountain there. You will find some Rocks that you can break, do that and enter the cave.

You will have to go through the first part and probably fight a couple of Pokemon on the way. When you reach the next area, it will be more open. There is some grass on the left side of the path, that is where you can find Rockruff. It normally comes in from level 10-13 and can call for help, which it did when I fought it. There is also a hard stone in the area that you can give Rockruff to increase the damage it does with Rock moves. It might take a couple tries, but it isn’t as bad as trying to get Pikachu.

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