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How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5

How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5
You’ll face a variety of deadly enemies in Far Cry 5 so you’d better come equipped for the job. This guide will tell you How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5 so you can rip through armored vehicles or shred heavily armored enemies running around with LMG’s and other devastating weaponry.

It works in a very similar way to changing weapon fire mode in Far Cry 5. With your weapon of choice in hand open your weapon wheel (L1 on PlayStation 4) and highlight the gun you want to use. When highlighting, look at the bottom center of the weapon wheel circle. You will see a couple of buttons here. Square will change your weapon fire type whereas Triangle will change the ammo your weapon is using.

How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5

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If you do not have the option to switch between ammo types, there’s two possible explanations. Firstly, your weapon does not support different types of ammunition. You can check this at a General Store by highlighting a weapon and selecting Additional Details. This will tell you if you are actually able to use different ammo types.

If your weapon does support different ammo types but you still don’t know How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5, you are likely missing a Perk. Check the Perk screen. In the first section, on the top row, navigate to Black Market. It’s the skull icon at the end of the first row. You must have this Perk. While it is possible to find certain types of Special Ammunition out in the wilds, some are incredibly rare.

You have to have the Black Market Perk in order to be able to buy Special Ammunition from General Shops. Once you have purchased the Special Ammunition, figuring out How To Change Ammo Types In Far Cry 5 is a breeze.

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