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How To Change Your Armor Color And Emblem In Destiny

How To Change Your Armor Color And Emblem In Destiny

In Destiny you have the option to change your armor color if you can find some armor shaders. You can find them at a vendor in the tower who also sells emblems. Find out how to change your armor color and your emblem here!

How Do I Use An Armor Shader In Destiny?

You will need to be level 20 to change your armor color.

First you will need to get an armor shader if you want to change your color. While in the tower head to the area with the Tower North and look next to the steps for a vendor named Eva. She sells both armor shaders and emblems if you have enough glimmer. As far as I can tell you can’t preview the look on your character. If you collect the gold chests on the moon you will get a free emblem.

After you have picked a color and emblem go to your charter screen. Go to the bottom left corner and pick the equipment option. Once you are in the equipment menu you can pick the armor shader and emblem you want to use. Emblems and armor shaders also have rarity levels but they do not offer and type of combat bonus. Remember the stock changes every now and then so be sure to check back for new colors!

If you know where any of the rare colors or emblems are leave us comment and let us know!

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