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How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Echoes

How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Echoes
In Fire Emblem Echoes, most of your starter characters will start off as the Villager class. This will be fine for the first few fights but as you progress you will need to change classes. Check out this guide to find out How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Echoes.

Fire Emblem Echoes How To Change Classes

In order to change classes you must first hit a certain level. For most of your starter friends this will be level three, minus Alm who takes more time. Gray starts at level five so he can be upgraded as soon as you are able to change classes.

When you reach the level to change classes you will find to find a Shrine of Mila. Here you can restore your stamina and use it to change classes. Be careful because after you change your class, you cannot revert back to the previous class. I read one class can change back to a Villager at level 20, but I don’t have the class yet. After you change class for the first time you will be able to change into a another class after you level up some more. These are the more advanced classes and will give you solid stat boosts. One thing you need to remember is that when you change class, you are reverted back to level one. So you could max a class and then change class if you wanted to get the most stats possible.

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