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How To Change Difficulty In Angry Birds Evolution

How To Change Difficulty In Angry Birds Evolution
There are various rewards you can unlock as you progress through Angry Birds Evolution and some of these offer Hard and Insane difficulty levels. This How To Change Difficulty In Angry Birds Evolution will tell you what you need to do in order to unlock and use higher difficulties for huge rewards.

Like many other popular mobile games Angry Birds Evolution offers multiple levelling systems. As you complete battles, objectives and challenges you are awarded Account Experience points, this is what influences your account level shown in the upper left hand corner of the screen. As you increase your experience points you unlock various rewards for levelling, some of which include additional difficulty options.

When you reach level 8 you unlock hard difficulty and then when you reach level 12 you unlock insane difficulty. As you can see in the image at the top of this post the difficulty option is added to the screen prior to battle. You can select from Normal, Hard and Insane, which drastically changes the Team Power of the enemies you encounter. If you are at least 1000+ stronger than the Normal Team Power, you can still use the Quick Battle to save time.

If you are even a single point stronger than the enemy team, use the Quick Battle and you’ve got a 99% chance of victory. I’ve Quick Battled every fight and have yet to lose one. Fighting on Hard and Insane difficulty levels offer greater rewards, more chances at rare items and the occasional rare egg.

Angry Birds Evolution is all about gathering exciting new and powerful birds, for which you will need eggs. This How To Get Eggs Fast In Angry Birds Evolution will tell you the fastest way to get Eggs in Angry Birds Evolution so you can get the most powerful squad as quickly as possible.
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