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How To Change Hero Outfits In Star Wars Battlefront 2

How To Change Hero Outfits In Star Wars Battlefront 2
In Star Wars Battlefront 2 you will have a chance to change some heroes outfits. This option is hidden in the menus and can easily be missed. Check out this guide to find out How To Change Hero Outfits In Star Wars Battlefront 2.

How To Change Outfits In Star Wars Battlefront 2

First off you will need an outfit, which you could have gotten from pre-ordering or from hero packs. If you have an outfit, go to your collection menu and pick a hero you have an outfit for. If you pre-ordered the game you will have one for Rey and for Kylo Ren. Select the hero by scrolling over to them and then click on that hero. From there you can select change appearance and pick the other outfits that you have. Some of these will change voices as well. For instance, Kylo with his mask on sounds distorted and without the mask, he sounds normal. You can check other heroes as well but without outfits, you can change their outfits.

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