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How To Change Uniforms Outfits In Call Of Duty: WWII

Want to change your outfit? This guide will tell you How To Change Uniforms Outfits In Call Of Duty: WWII so you can look your best as your drive your bayonet through the heart of your enemies. When you open Supply Drops you can obtain various different outfits with different rarity levels.

When you unlock an outfit from a Supply Drop, it is added to your collection. You can view this at the Quartermaster. Browse through the different collections until you have found the outfit you unlocked.

The trick here is, different outfits are specific to a certain division. So you cannot equip an outfit for Infantry Division on a soldier in the Mechanical Division. You may have to guess what division the outfit is for but once you’ve found it go into the Soldier Tab.

From there go into Divisions and then pick your Division. Once you have selected your division look in the lower left corner of the screen. You will see a prompt to Personalize. Click that and any available outfits for that particular Division will be displayed.

There you have it. Everything you need to know for How To Change Uniforms Outfits In Call Of Duty: WWII

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