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How To Change Outfits In South Park: Phone Destroyer

How To Change Outfits In South Park Phone Destroyer
South Park: Phone Destroyer features an exciting mix of unique outfits but you may be finding yourself asking the question, how to change your outfits? When you first begin the game you have access to only two basic outfits. You have a choice of rocking your birthday suit, with added Y front underwear, or you can don the attire of the Indians, either way your initial choice is limited. You can unlock a lot more outfits but these aren’t available until later in the game.

So after a short time playing I got bored of my initial character and wanted a change but I couldn’t figure out How To Change Outfits In South Park: Phone Destroyer. Sadly it was painfully obvious but I’d totally missed it for the first few hours of the game.

Firstly, head to the Home Base. If you are on a mission level you need to first hit the house icon in the upper left. That will take you to the line of houses including the Butters House (for PvP fights) and the Pack Store. You want to select the building on the far left, Home Base. This will take you to deck management. If you have just started the game you have to progress a little otherwise this screen is locked.

Hit the t-shirt icon in the upper right to be taken to the outfits screen. Here you will see your character portrait and your currently unlocked hats and outfits. This is where I went wrong. You don’t click the outfits, that doesn’t do anything.

Instead, if you want to change outfits or hats you need to hold and drag onto your character on the left hand side.

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