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Chicken Adventure Tips And Tricks

Chicken Adventures

Chicken Adventure is an iOS game that just came to the app store. The concept is simple you collect eggs and dodge walls and other dangerous obstacles. While that may sound easy enough the game gets really hard really quickly. Use these tips and tricks to go the distance and then some!

Chicken Adventure Tips and Tricks!

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Finger Placement – Left side of the screen is slow, middle is medium speed and right is max speed. I normally only use the slow and max and I only use slow when I am about to crash into a wall. Have two fingers ready at all times because going max speed will get you into trouble very quickly. If you think you are going to crash slam on the lowest speed and you almost stop completely letting you figure out your next move. Slow speed also lets you gain height quickly if you click it quickly.

Eggs Are life! You need eggs to buy everything in this game so you should be focusing on collecting as many as possible. While you should prioritize the eggs you going further is more important than a single egg. If it’s going to get you killed just skip it and hope you can collect more before you crash and burn. The more distance you cover the more bonus eggs you have the potential to get. The egg magnet is an awesome investment if you enjoy the game. You barely have to get close for the eggs to fly at you with it on.

Focus On Speed – The game tries to get you to spend your eggs on one time use items that are expensive and not needed. Instead save your eggs up and get the top speed first so you can get further quicker and collect more eggs. You will have to get used to the new speed levels in a couple of trial runs but once you get used to it you will travel even further than you thought possible!

More Hearts Second – One heart is simply not enough to get to all the levels in one play through. Once you unlock the option to unlock more hearts focus on that after speed. You need to buy four in order to get one heart but once you have a full stack of hearts getting through the first 100 meters is a cake walk. After the hearts if you can afford the armor grab that because that effectively doubles your health bar.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you get a new record the next time you play. Got any tips to add? Leave a comment below and let us know how you get to your maximum distance!

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