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Child Of Light Guide: Chapter 2 Cathedral Puzzle Guide

Child Of Light Guide: Chapter 2 Cathedral Puzzle Guide

After you unlock the gate to the Cathedral in Child of Light you will have another puzzle to do with Igniculus. Be sure to upgrade and add gems because after you do the puzzle you will have a boss fight! Use this guide to blow through the puzzle quickly.

Cathedral Puzzle

Child Of Light Fairy

Once you make it to the stained glass platform you will see three colored gems on pillars. You need to use Igniculus(fairy) to light all those gems with the colors on the platform. The platform starts with red so light up Igniculus and line up the red light with the red gem.

After that go to the left and use the switch to move the color to either green or blue. There is a purple but that color is useless for the puzzle so skip it. Line up the blue with the blue then the green with the green and bam the stained glass will break. After you break the glass you will get a brief cut scene and the statues will attack you.

Statue Bosses

These guys aren’t to tough but keep Igniculus constantly on the enemies to slow them down. They are weak to light so use any light magic you have to beat them quickly. If one powers up and you have a chance to block before they hit you do that so you don’t take much damage. After about 3 Starlight hits you will bring one down. If you want you can use a mana potion to regen your mana to help you bring down the other one as well. Don’t forget to use the flowers to get extra Hp and Mana as well! After you take out one the other is really simple, just block when he is going to strike and strike after you block.

That will end the Child Of Light Chapter 2 Cathedral Puzzle Guide, check back soon for more guides!

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