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Child Of Light Guide: Oculi Crafting Guide

Child Of Light Guide: Oculi Crafting Guide

The Oculi in Child Of Light can give you various buffs for you armor, weapons, and accessories. Mixing and matching the Oculi can result in powerful buffs or bonuses. This crafting guide will help you find the Oculi you want to use and tell you how to make it! Let’s get started.

Oculi Crafting

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Child Of Light Igniculus

This is a work in progress so if I miss one check later!

Mixing rough stones will result in a rough stone being made while mixing tumbled stones will result in making tumbled stone and so on.

Amethyst – Mixing a Sapphire and Ruby will get you an Amethyst. Amethyst on a weapon gives you + physical damage when your HP gets low, On armor it gives you physical damage resistance, and on accessories it gives you increased magic damage when your hp gets low.

Tourmaline – Mixing a Sapphire and Emerald will result in a Tourmaline. If you put Tourmaline on your weapon you get a small chance to paralyze, on armor you take reduced magical damage, and on accessories you get increased magic.

Citrine – Mixing a Ruby and Emerald will get you a Citrine. If you put Citrine on your weapon you will get light damage, on armor you get an increased chance to dodge when defending, and on accessories you get a small chance to push back dark creatures on the time line.

Diamond – Mixing a Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire will get you a Diamond. If you put a Diamond on your weapon you get increased speed, on armor you get additional EXP, and on accessories you get increased casting speed.

Onyx – Mixing a Citrine, Tourmaline and Amethyst will get you some Onyx. If you put Onyx on your weapon you get increased spell power, on your armor you get reduced damage when your hp is low, and on accessories you get increased dodge chance when your hp is low.

Spinel – Mixing a Diamond and Onyx gem will get you a Spinel Gem. If you put a Spinel gem on your weapon you get increased attack power, on your armor you get increased speed when you get interrupted, and on accessories you start further on the time line at the start of battle.

Princess Stone – (Thanks Matthew Decker) If you combine a brilliant Diamond, brilliant Onyx, brilliant Spinel you will get a Princess Stone. I don’t have one so I don’t know what buffs it gives.

If you know some I missed be sure to leave a comment and I will add them! Check back soon for updates.

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  1. The Princess Stone- On weapons gives increased attack power. On armor reduces magical and physical damage. On accessories it increases spell power.

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