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Child Of Light Guide: Side Quest Guide

Child Of Light Guide: Side Quest Guide

After beating the first boss in the Cathedral you will get your first companion and side quest. This is the start of many extra quests you can do for various rewards. This guide will help you find all the quests and beat them with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Child Of Light Side Quests

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Child Of Light Side Quest Guide

This is a work in progress and I will update as I get further into the game!

Rubella’s Plight – Rubella is the first companion you get in Child Of Light. After you exit the cathedral in chapter 2 and enter chapter three you can find her on a floating island. She is at the very start of chapter 3 and you will have to fly to get her. She is looking for her brother and will join you to help find him. Once you make it to the plains Rubella will spot a circus crate so you know you are going the right way.

After you complete Magna and you are sent up above the plains you can finally find her brother. Keep going up until Aurora says its almost time for her to leave her friends behind. When you get there go to the left and you will see a switch you can hit with Igniculus. Hit the switch and follow that path to find her brother sitting on the ledge near a circus caravan.

Finn’s Plight – Once you make it to Capilli village you will run into Finn and he will ask you to go down into the well in town. Once you jump in the well Finn joins your party as a spell caster. Once you are inside the well search around for treasure and kill enemies to get some extra Exp. Once you make it to the door you will have to do a minor puzzle to open it. There are two symbols you will need to use Igniculus to light up. Put the moon shape up above the door and the pinwheel to the right of the door.

Once you go through the door you will find a bird that you can talk to. Once you talk to him Finn gets all worked up and you need to find a cure for the bird. Fly up and to the right until you find a path you can take. Take the path and use Igniculus to stop the traps so you can fly through safely. After you fly through you will face off with a three headed snake. Each one has an element attached to it, fire, water, and earth. The water snake is weak to lightning, fire is weak to water, and earth is weak to fire. Use all of Finn’s magic one whichever one you want to take out first then when he runs out of magic switch to Rubella. If you have the move that makes you immune to status ailments for the whole party use that right when you get Rubella out. Don’t take any chances and heal when you need to and this boss is easy. Just take the heads on at a time. After you beat the snakes you will get a cut scene and the village will return to normal.

Pastoral Panic – After you rescue the village talk to Finn’s grandpa and he will give you this quest. You might recall seeing the house in the very first area near the large cherry blossom tree. If not warp to the Cathedral and fly back towards the start of the game. Once you get to the tree door you had to open keep flying left until you see the house. You will have to fight 3 enemies in order to beat the quest. They are all mobs you should have fought in the well so beating them is easy. After you beat the set of three enemies Avo will come and reward you.

Child Of Light Finn

Achilles’s Odyssey – This is also from Capilli village and it is in the first part of the town. Talk to the girl with the ! over her heard and she will want you to retrieve her pig from the plains. Once you make it to the plains you will find your sister and she will join your party. Shortly after that they will talk about a mirror and you will be close to the second town.

There’s a point where you go inside a cave and have to use a lever to move a half circle so you can go down further. Once you do that go all the way down through the spikes and you can find Achilles on the other side. Grab him and travel back to Capilli village to get your reward.

Bolmus Inferno – Once you make it to Bolmus Populi village there will be a large house you can enter right after the market. Inside the owner will give you a quest to go downstairs and kill the pests. There are four fire reapers down here so use Finn with water magic to beat them quickly. There are two hidden in chests so check all of those to find them all. Once you kill all four head back upstairs for your reward.

Free Trade – In Bolmus Populi you can find a tower right past the market, right before the hill. Fly up to the top of the tower and talk to the mouse there for a quest. He wants a piece of gold and he gives you an apple to trade. Warp back to Capilli village and go to the second to last house on the right. Inside there is a man near a shovel, talk to him to get his shovel. With the shovel travel to the Old Monastery and fly to the grave digger. He is to the left of the Monastery, like you are going back to the start of the game. To trade the lantern go to Bolumus Populi and then head to Magna. Go all the way down under Magna until you reach a dark tunnel and follow that down to a miner who will trade you for gold. Return to the mouse in town for your reward.

Child Of Light Magna

Robert’s Plight – After you make it to the vault inside the mountain Robert will leave your party and ask you to open the vault. You will need to use the levers in order to get the right sequence above the door. I just did it randomly and got it, left lever, right lever x2, and left lever x2. After that light up all the spinning white spots and the door will open.

Cynbel’s Secret – You get this one in the Flooded lands from a statue that has Emeralds on it. You can’t really miss it because you have to fly by it to progress. You can follow the crystals under the Cynbel Sea by lighting them up but the end of the quest is above the statue you need to find under the sea. It will look like you can’t go up because of the ceiling but there is a hidden tunnel up there, just keep swimming up until you find it. If you leave the statue room you went to far.

Gen’s Plight – To the right of Piscean Village you will find a puzzle involving Roman numerals. There are the numbers you have to use and one is on each level. Push them all to the first level then line up the statue numbers will the numbers on the wall using Igniculus. After you do that you will have a minor boss fight with an orge and two wolves. I suggest you use taunt with Oengus to keep the wolves off you and focus the enemies down one at a time starting with the wolves. Use haste and attack damage potions and buffs to make it quicker. After you beat him return to the village and Gen will join your party.

Child Of Light The Lost Lights Guide

The Lost Lights – You get this by going all the way to the right in the sea after taking the elevator near Piscean Village, the Gen’s plight quest elevator. The other wisp wants you to find six fireflies and send them home. They are each by the shrines you might have noticed as you were playing. Shrine one is to the right of Piscean Village, shrine two is to the left of the monastery warp there and fly out then down to find it, shrine three if to the right of Capilli Village, shrine four is to the right of Bolmus Populi on the ground level, shrine five is near the Temple of the moon keep going down until you are in the clouds again and the island on the right will have it, the last shrine is to the left of the quest giver. After you have them all return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

That will end the Child Of Light Side Quest Guide, check back soon for updates!

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