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Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy Job Memory Location Guide

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy Job Memory Guide
Finding new Job Memories unlocks additional jobs for your Chocobo in the game. This Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy Job Memory Location Guide will tell you how to unlock each of the different classes we’ve discovered by discovering the Job Memory items scattered throughout the game.

Your Chocobo can learn new skills and abilities depending on what jobs you have unlocked, equipped and progressed with. Each job levels up individually through Job Points earning from completing dungeons and defeating enemies. You can only chance your class at specific locations, such as the very beginning of most dungeons. If you change class, you will automatically assign the latest abilities unlocked for that class.

Below is a list of the different classes we’ve discovered so far, including how to find their Job Memory so you can unlock new classes for yourself.

How To Unlock All Jobs

How To Unlock Freelancer
The Freelancer is the base job/class for the game. Everyone begins with Freelancer unlocked.

How To Unlock Knight
You unlock this through natural progression with the story. After you begin Mayor Gales Memories, you will unlock the ability to become a Knight.

How To Unlock Black Mage
You need to reach the 10th Floor in the Temple of Flame dungeon. You will find the Black Mage Job Memory near the gate on the 10th floor of Guardian of Flame.

How To Unlock Thief
Inside the Guardian of Flame dungeon. Near the top levels are green trap pads. When you step on these, you will either get a shop or a Dual. If you get the shop, look for the large, yellow shining bag at the shop to unlock the Thief Memory. You will have to complete a very hard fight.

How To Unlock White Mage
You need to complete the Pastor Roches Memories dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, on the last floor, you’ll find the White Mage memory.

How To Unlock Dragoon
You need to complete the Mejas Memories dungeon. On the final floor, you must pick it up before you can complete the dungeon.

How To Unlock Scholar
When you reach the Guardian Of The Water Dungeon, proceed through to the 10th floor. You’ll find the Scholar Memories outside the gate.

How To Unlock Red Mage
Complete Charlotte’s Memory Dungeon

How To Unlock Beastmaster
Complete Alta’s Memories Dungeon (A Treasure Hunters Memories) which appears after completing Camilla’s Memories.

How To Unlock Dark Knight
Found in the clock tower after you beat Croma on floor 30

How To Unlock Machinist
During the “post-game” when you clear past Cid’s memories

How To Unlock Dancer
Claire’s Memory Dungeon (unlocks after the Water Dungeon, have to do Roddy’s first or there’s a story event later that moves it to the mirror in the church)

How To Unlock Ninja
Volg’s Dungeon (unlocked post-game)

We are updating this Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy Job Memory Guide with ways to unlock new classes and roles as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

Huge thanks to Darkwizarc, Joe Perez, Neobeowulf, and Bisylizzie for their input.

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