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Choose Jagni Or Myriad Sifu In Biomutant

Choose Jagni Or Myriad Sifu In Biomutant
Near the start of the game you’re given a choice for the quest, An Alliance. This Choose Jagni Or Myriad Sifu In Biomutant guide will tell you what happens if you choose to side with the Jagni or the Myriad Sifu, so you can base your decision on the path you want your character to follow.

If You Choose Myriad Sifu

If You Choose Myriad Sifu
The Myriad Tribe act on the understanding of the greater good and a code of honor. Wanting to unit the tribes in an effort to defeat the Worldeaters, saving the Tree of Life and allowing the world to thrive. Choosing to side with the Myriad Sifu is the “good guy” choice as they are aligned with light to the maximum amount.

If you want to choose the Myriad Tribe you need to take the natural tunnel, not the broken road. On route you will encounter Myriad troops fighting with Jagni troops, the Myriad troops are immediately aligned and cannot be attacked, as you make an enemy of the Jagni tribe. You will meet the Sifu of the Myriad and there you will have a choice on where to join the Myriad or refuse.

This is a huge choice that determines the outcome of the game. You will work with Tribes to save the Tree of Life and you will be limited on choice when dealing with rival Sifu’s to either Unite or Subdue them. This is the more “good guy” path.

If You Choose Jagni

If You Choose Jagni
The Jagni tribe wants to be feared by all. They aimed to destroy all other Tribes and leave the Worldeaters to destroy the Tree of Life. The Jagni Tribe are aligned with the Dark Aura, making this the preferred choice for those looking to go down the “bad guy” route.

They never force you to kill any of the other Sifu’s or tribes, but it is strongly implied that is how this tribe operates. If you want to just kill everyone without any repercussions the join up with the Jagni. You also get the Bo staff as your first tribe weapon.

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