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Choose This Universe Or Rafael’s Universe In Starfield

As you near the end of Starfield’s story, there is a choice to make. This guide on Choose This Universe Or Rafael’s Universe In Starfield goes over what happens depending on what universe you decide to save when you are exploring the facility.

It’s important to note that there are thousands of potential variables that may have effects on choices like these. Your relationship with certain characters, quests you have completed, without multiple play-throughs it’s difficult to be sure. As with all choices like this, create a save file first. That way, if the outcome is not the same as we list below, you can quickly reload and try the other path.

You don’t actually make this choice during that conversation. The choice is made at the end of an identical mission that plays the same for both decisions. When you shut the device down, the reality you are in at the time becomes your universe.

How To Save Both Universes

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I’m going to choose you. This universe

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] If you choose to save the universe You get 17800 credits and a legendary experimental spacesuit. Everyone in the facility survives and they promise to honor Raphael’s memory.

I’m going to choose Raphael, his universe. He needs my help more

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If you make this choice, Director Patel says Raphael’s life is worth more than hers, but the facilities and inhabitants are more important. At the end of the mission, when you choose Raphael’s universe, you meet Raphael and he is grateful you saved him. You get Vynium, Comm Relays, Wafers, Tasine, and 13800 Credits. You fight your way back to your ship and drop Raphael at New Atlantis. You can speak to him, once there, to recruit him to your crew.

It is possible this choice has impact further into the game. We’ll update the guide once we finish the game, if necessary.

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