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Choose Your Mother (Lady Morgawse) Or Merlin In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

There is an important choice to make near the end of ACT II. This guide on Choose Your Mother (Lady Morgawse) Or Merlin In King Arthur Knight’s Tale tells you what happens with each of the choices. You can either choose to seek your mother’s help, or you can trust Merlin and take an adventure down his chosen path.

When you near the end of the mission you are given two choices. You can choose “I could use your knowledge and your scheming, Morgawse. I accept your offer”. Or you can choose “I trust Merlin more than you, Mother. Unlike a lot of the choices in the game this one does have consequences as it will stop you recruiting one of two heroes that are available in the game.

Choose Your Mother (Lady Morgawse) Or Merlin In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

If you choose to side with your mother, Merlin will vanish into a flock of ravens. You will then have to fight the remaining Pict forces alongside Lady Morgawse. She is very developed in this battle, quite a high level, but you will not get the same learned skills and abilities if you recruit her. If you make this choice Merlin will no longer help you but Lady Morgawse will join your Round Table.

If you choose Merlin, the opposite happens. Lady Morgawse accuses you of trusting a blind fool and a fallen god over your own blood, calling you stubborn. You will then have to fight the Pict alongside Lady Morgawse. If you take this route you must kill your mother during the fight, she will not appear in the game again.

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