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CivMiner Tips And Tricks Guide

CivMiner Tips And Tricks
CivMiner is a game that has you digging for rubies, oil and stones while competing with other miners from across the world. There are a few things you can do to give yourself the edge over the other miners. This CivMiner Tips and Tricks guide will help you get the most out of the game!

CivMiner Tips And Tricks Guide

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If you know any other helpful tips be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Use Multiple Fingers – I started off the game by using one finger and then started spamming with two and figured out I could do that. The object of the game is to go deeper and get more prizes so use both your thumbs or the pointer and middle finger. If you can do more than two fingers you can do that as well. Sometimes I just put my phone on a solid surface and hit it with four fingers to get some serious digging going. I would stick to two fingers for the boss fights.

Watch The Film Reels – These will give rubies or artifacts that make you dig better. Normally these are 30 second ads for other games on the phone. I take this time to grab a drink or go use the rest room. If you have all your artifacts and don’t need more rubies you can just skip them.

Join A Clan – Join a clan can get you extra loot and will let you collect oil. If your clan is big enough you will get bonus rubies each week, it is dependent on how much oil you guys have combined. You can Google quite a few different clans and join the one you want too. This is best to do early so you can get the rewards ASAP.

Upgrade Your Tools – This is kind of a no brainer but better tools equals faster digging. I would focus on getting the best tools first before doing anything else with your rubies. The better tools also means more damage on the bosses which will be helpful later on.

Focus On The Ruby Blocks – If you see a Ruby block, go for it. If you wait to get down to it you might find a boss and miss the block. I lost two blocks to a boss fight, not much but they could of been used. If you don’t focus on them you will potentially lose a lot of rubies in the long run.

Use Your Power Ups – the only Power up I normally won’t use is the drill. The other ones can make clearing a few blocks quickly a breeze. As the saying goes, smoke em if you got em.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more tips and tricks!

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