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Where To Claim Pre Order DLC Items In God Of War

Where To Claim Pre Order DLC Items In God Of War
If you pre ordered God Of War then you will have gotten some free items as DLC. Depending on what version you ordered, you will get some armor and maybe some shields. Check out this guide to find out where to claim pre order DLC items in God Of War.

Where To Find Pre Order DLC Items In God Of War

When you enter the game you will have to cut down a tree. After you do that you take a journey down river to a home. Here, Kratos and Atreus will have a moment and then Kratos will have Atreus hunt some deer. From here on you can find your Pre order armor. Go into the menu and then scroll over to the armor section. You can now switch to the Death’s Vow set and if you have the extra shields you can equip them under the weapons tab. Atreus has his own armor section but you don’t have access to that right away, don’t worry you will soon. You do get one socket gem so place that in one of you armor pieces as well for some extra defense.

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