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COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) FAQ Guide

There are lots of tips, tricks, and missions in the new COD. This COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) FAQ Guide highlights a bunch of frequent questions, with answers, to some of the more confusing or puzzling elements of the game. Acting as a quick and easy guide to progressing.

COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) FAQ Guide

Where To Find Special Zombies
Special Zombies are best found in two types of Contracts. Firstly, the Bounty contracts. This will give you the location of a Mimic, Mangler or other special zombie type. However, these don’t always count for quests. The other option are Escort contracts, marked by a small tank-like icon on the map. These usually spawn 2-3 Manglers you can kill.

How To Kill Enemies With Elements (Cryo, Fire etc)
The best way to do this is to find an Exfil spot and activate it, but don’t get on the helicopter. Simply kill all of the enemies in the area using the special ammo type to complete these objectives quickly and easily. This works for special abilities too, or any skill that requires lots of killing.

Where To Find Mimics
The best way to find mimics is the Infected Strongholds. Once you clear out most of the Cysts, a Mimic nearly always spawns and attacks you. Alternatively, you can do Bounty Hunt contracts to find Mimics

Where To Find Special Ammo Types (Napalm. Shatter Blast, Cryo, Brain Rot, Dead Wire)
These are most commonly found in Aether chests and portals. Complete Infected Strongholds, Infestations, and any contract that gives you a reward portal at the end.

How To Pack-A-Punch Weapons
The Pack-A-Punch locations are on the map. You can Pack-A-Punch a weapon to level 1 in the Level 1 threat zone but if you want to Pack-A-Punch a weapon to level 2, you first need to make sure it’s level one and then travel to a Pack-A-Punch location in Threat level 2 or above (the orange area on the map)

How To Get Into Threat Levels 2 & 3
You need to upgrade your weapons, ideally rarity too, to be come stronger to survive in these locations. Pack-A-Punch level 1 works okay in threat level 2 areas but you want to make sure you have Epic+ rarity and Pack-A-Punch level 2 before you try to explore threat level 3.

What Are The Glowing Glyphs For
These are fast travel locations that throw you to random other locations on the map.

We will continue to update this FAQ as we progress through the game.

If you want to explore the new Dark Aether rift introduced with Season 3 Reloaded in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies, you need to track down four unique relics, one of which is the Science Journal.
Season 3 Reloaded's Zombies update for Call of Duty introduces a new Dark Aether Rift that requires four new Relics to open the portal. One of those relics is the Imaginary Friend Drawing.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies Season 3 Reloaded update is here and with it, an unfortunate error that is caused Zombie players to get booted from the game and unable to join lobbies.
Season 3 Reloaded introduces a new Dark Aether Rift and with it, the requirement of finding 4 new Relics to open the portal. The Laptop Relic, called Laptop with Stickers, is probably the easiest one to get so far.

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