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Code To Unlock Fords Safe In Remnant 2 In Ward 13

You can get a really powerful secondary weapon very early in the game. This guide on Code To Unlock Fords Safe In Remnant 2 In Ward 13 will tell you the exact code you need to unlock Ford’s chest which can be found inside his room at Ward 13, after he has left the area and you’ve completed the tutorial.

You can find this chest in Ford’s room very early in the game but you cannot attempt to open it while he is still in the room. You need to follow the main story until Ford leaves Ward 13, you can then return to his room and you can use the chest. There is a 4-digit code that is required to unlock the chest.

Code To Unlock Fords Safe In Remnant 2 In Ward 13

The code is 0415. I do not believe the code changes for each game but if you want to find the clue for yourself, open your inventory. In your inventory, you will find the Flashlight that Ford gave you at the start of the game. Inspect the Flashlight and spin the 3D model around so you can see the very bottom. You will notice that the code has been scratched into the surface underneath.

Once you have the code you can open the chest and inside you will find a key. This key can be used to unlock a powerful SMG secondary weapon. Head back outside and travel to the area near where you and Ford entered the underground part of Ward 13, which is now inaccessible. There is a pathway that leads past some shipping containers toward a shipwrecked boat. Follow that path to the end and use the key to claim the reward.

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