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Code Vein Blood Code Locations Guide

Code Vein Blood Code Guide
Want to know where to find more Blood Codes Locations in Code Vein? This Code Vein Blood Code Locations Guide will tell you how to unlock all of the Blood Codes we’ve discovered so far, including where to find them or other methods you must use to acquire them.

Blood Codes are special items you can find in Code Vein, the act as a sort of class system, unlocking new skills and abilities for you to use in combat. As such, they are incredibly valuable and really exciting to find. Check out the list of Blood Codes below for details on the locations of all Blood Codes we’ve discovered so far.

WARNING: As you progress through the game, you will eventually reach Successors, special enemies locked behind gates that are vital to the stories progress. I missed it on my playthrough but there are two outcomes to many of these battles. If you find all of the Vestiges in that specific area, you can unlock a Memory Sequence prior to the boss battle and instead of killing the Successor, you save them. This offers a different and usually better Blood Code than just killing them outright. Big thanks to disqus_8bjeYNjSLY for the tip in the comments.

Code Vein Blood Code Locations Guide

Berserker Blood Code
Prometheus Blood Code
Hunter Blood Code
Assassins Blood Code
Mercury Blood Code
Hermes Blood Code
Atlas Blood Code
Darkseeker Blood Code
Isis Blood Code
Eos Blood Code
Artemis Blood Code
Queenslayer Blood Code
Queens Breath Blood Code
Survivor Blood Code
Dark Knight Blood Code
Scathach Blood Code
Queens Claw Blood Code
Harmonia Blood Code
Heimdall Blood Code
Warrior Blood Code
Hephaestus Blood Code
Ishtar Blood Code
Queen Blood Code
Hades Blood Code

Found any other Blood Codes? Let us know in the comment section below. Big thanks to disqus_8bjeYNjSLY & Adam Kelsall for their contributions.

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