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Code Vein Dark Depths Map Location Guide

Code Vein Dark Depths Map Location Guide
Want to know where to find more Dark Depth Maps in Code Vein? This Code Vein Dark Depths Map Location Guide tells you where to find each of the different maps we’ve discovered, each unlocking a new area to explore in the Dark Depths.

After you find your first Dark Depths map, you can speak with Davis. He explains the basics, challenging dungeons filled with fantastic rewards. Each time you discover a new map, speak with Davis and he will allow you to access the new Dark Depths area as shown in the map.

Code Vein Dark Depths Map Location Guide

Dark Depths Maps #1 - Den Of Darkness
Dark Depth Maps #2 - Den of the Dead
Dark Depth Maps #3 - Town Of Sacrifice
Dark Depth Maps #4 - Flood Of Impurity
Dark Depth Maps #5 - Misty Ruins
Dark Depth Maps #6 - Zero District
Dark Depth Maps #7 - Void District
Dark Depth Maps #8 - Swirling Floods
Dark Depth Maps #9 - Cliffs of Rust
Dark Depth Maps #10 - Silent White
Dark Depth Maps #11 - Arachnid Grotto
Dark Depth Maps #12 - Rocky Ruins

Huge thanks to Thial and Havoc Curse for helping us finish the guide.

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