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Conan Exiles – You Don’t Have To Make Gruel To Fuel Wheel Of Pain

Conan Exiles - You Don't Have To Make Gruel To Fuel Wheel Of Pain
One of the most asked questions in Conan Exiles right now is how to make Gruel, as many believe this is the fuel to the Wheel of Pain. However, that is not the case. You do not have to use Gruel to fuel the Wheel of Pain, which is not something you can make until you reach level 15 and build the appropriate cooking tool. However, you don’t have to wait that long to get your first Thrall’s.

Conan Exiles – You Don’t Have To Make Gruel To Fuel Wheel Of Pain

Much like the other crafting interfaces in Conan Exiles, the Wheel of Pain interface specifically shows Gruel as the fuel in the tutorial area in the top right. You can get the Wheel of Pain at level 10 however you cannot make Gruel that early, leaving many to believe they have to wait until 15 to get Thrall’s.

However, plenty of other items work. Most food items actually. You can experiment with which items you have by simply dragging them into the Wheel of Pain interface and seeing if the on/off button is highlighted. Check the image below. You will see that we are using Grilled Steak, you can also see at the bottom of the image (which will be in the lower right corner of your screen) the progress of the current Thrall, marked by the white bar.


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    1. NO, but obviously the cheapest, easiest and most efficien feeding comes from gruel. To speed the process you need another Thrall called Task Master and break him.

  1. The lvl limit for gruel is wrong. You can make it from the start of the game onwards. You do not to be lvl 10.

  2. gruel can be made as soon as you unlock a campfire now. but it will spoil extremely fast so you will need alot of gruel to fuel your wheel of pain

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