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Control Bureau Alert Guide

Control Bureau Alert Guide
Bureau Alerts are special timed missions in Control, tied to First on Scene and Crisis Management achievements. This Control Bureau Alert Guide will tell you where you can discover the special missions, how to unlock them, and what you must do to complete them.

There are several different types of missions in Control. You have your regular story missions, side missions, Bureau Countermeasures, and Bureau Alerts. The latter works very different to the rest, forcing a time restriction and a level of randomness to the encounters.

Control Bureau Alert Guide

All Control Bureau missions are given at random times. You may just finish an objective or reach a certain location and the mission will appear. It appears as an alert. A loud noise plays and the mission is introduced on the screen. All Bureau Alert missions are under a 20 minute timer. If you die while you have the mission or you don’t get to the mission in time, it fails. You cannot manually restart the mission again.

If you fail a mission, there are other opportunities for the same mission to appear later, but it’s not guaranteed. They are typically more difficult than most of the other content so go in prepared and be cautious.

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