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Control HRA Lab Machine Puzzle Guide

Control HRA Lab Machine Puzzle Guide
Numbered terminals, punch cards, how do you solve this? This Control HRA Lab Machine Puzzle Guide will walk you through the HRA Machine puzzle during the Old Boys’ Club mission as part of the main story campaign in Control.

Firstly, run around the lab and pick up all the punch cards. Small yellow cards scattered across the floor, they are tough to miss. Once you have collected them all, there are 5 in total, look at the different terminals. There are also 5 terminals. Each terminal has a number clearly written on one side.

Control HRA Lab Machine Puzzle Guide

There are three whiteboards in the lab. Two in the main area and one upstairs, these give you a slight clue as to where each of the punch cards go. Carefully check each of the whiteboards as they reveal the correct card for at least one of the terminals.

Using the information on whiteboard #1, we can figure out the punch cards for terminal 2 and terminal 3.

The information in the second whiteboard shows you the cards used in terminal 1 and terminal 5.

The final whiteboard shows you the card for terminal 4.

So, the final solution is to place the following cards into the associated numbered terminal.

Control HRA Lab Machine Puzzle Guide

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