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Control Luck Roulette Puzzle Guide Solution

Control Luck Puzzle Guide Solution
A roulette table, a horseshoe, a fish, and a strange puzzle. This Control Luck Roulette Puzzle Guide Solution will tell you how to solve the puzzle in the Luck & Probability sector of the Federal Bureau of Control, a puzzle which is rather, well, puzzling.

You encounter this puzzle quite early in Control but initially, you are not able to attempt to solve it as the final part of the puzzle is locked behind a door that requires Clearance Level 5. Once you have the appropriate clearance, you can enter the locked room and discover the final pieces of the puzzle.

Control Luck Puzzle Guide Solution

Control Luck Puzzle Guide Solution Clues
There are two sets of clues. Firstly, the big whiteboard. This lists several different pictures. There’s also a document on the floor nearby that provides additional information on the lucky objects used in the experiment. According to the image on the whiteboard the Clover, Lights and Fish are all confirmed. Firstly, pick up the clover. Next, turn on every light inside the test room with the roulette table. Finally, grab the fish from the other room and drop it on the floor right next to the table. Then you put the clover on the table near the TV screen. That’s all the confirmed details.

Now, the remaining puzzle pieces are the Elephant, Cat and Horse Shoe. Make sure the horse shoe is turned to face upward. Interact with the cat so the arm is moving and then make sure the Newton Device near the elephant is not moving.

In The Main Room

  • Interact with the cat so the arm is moving
  • Ignore the elephant. You want it so that it’s NOT moving
  • Pick in the Clover
  • Using Launch, pick up the huge fish ornament

Inside Puzzle Room

  • Place Fish inside the red carpet area
  • Turn on all 4 desk lights
  • Place the clover into the plant pot near the TV
  • Spin the wheel and immediately step off the red carpet before it stops spinning

Control Luck Puzzle Final Solution

Control Luck Puzzle Final Solution
You get some Ability Points and a Golden Suit Outfit when you complete the puzzle.

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