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Costume Quest 2 – Costume List

Costume Quest 2 - Costume List

The Costumes in Costume Quest 2 will change a characters abilities and outfit for a fight. They also help you beat certain quests or find certain hidden chests. Find out what outfits you wear in Costume Quest 2 here!

Costume Quest 2 Costumes

I think there are some pre order costumes but I didn’t pre order.

Candy Corn – First costume you will get for Reynold. Not sure if I am missing something or not but I couldn’t attack with this costume. The Costume does get focused more than others.

Superhero – First costume you get for Wren. Special attack is an AoE attack.

Clown – You get this after you complete the quest “Gator Wrasslin” and Monty joins your team. To get the pieces you need to go into the Gator farm and hit all the Gators. Special is a minor team heal that removes ailments as well.

Pterodactyl – For this costume you will need Dino slippers, Green Fabric and . The Dino slippers are found in the Bayou on a ship. Next to one of the Trick-or-Treat houses you can get on top of a ship and open the glowing chest. The Green Fabric is found in a chest past a sleeping Gato in the Bayou. Use the horn in him to wake up him and then grab the chest.

The Paper Macehe is found in a chest in the French Quarter. There is a purple building near the Jazz Club that you can climb. At the top of that building you will find the chest. In order to get the plans for the Pterodactyl plans you need to beat the devil in a duel. Beat the quest Duelo Del Diablo by honking you horn when it is your turn. Once you beat the quest and get all the parts you can use the Pterodactyl Costume. You can move piles of leaves with this costume.

Jefferson – You get the Jefferson in The Tooth Academy. The wig is in the desk in the room across the hall from where you have detention at. The Buckle shoes are in a different room on the same floor of the wig. Once you go downstairs go into the room on the right for the Cravat. You can shake certain peoples hand in this costume.

Wizard – You get the Wizard costume in the Old Auburn Hills. Talk to the kid with the white hair near the sewer exit to learn about the Wizard costume. If you look on the Old Auburn Hills map you can see a house on the top left near a check point. Go around that house and in the back there is a chest you can open with Glow stick inside.

You can get the Robe at the house next to the kid with the white hair. Move the leaves and go to the back of the house and open the chest. Lastly you can get the Cottonballs near the park. The house below the park has a ramp on the side of it. Take the ramps and follow the path to a chest. The wizard can light darkened areas.

Pharaoh – This costume is found in New Repugia(east side). When you come out of the sewer use the Jefferson on the Goblin blocking your path to the Candy Mine. Once he moves move the trash with the Pterodactyl and you will get the blueprints. Before you go to the Candy Mine go to the fountain in New Repugia(east side). Below that there is a pile of trash you can move with a gust. Move the trash and follow the path all the way back to get the Sandels.

You can get the Black Scarf by using the Jefferson on the big blue Orc blocking the blue house. If you keep going in down the street you will see another big blue Orc blocking another path. Use the Jefferson on him and follow that path to get the Hanger and finish the costume.

Wolfman – Complete the side quest Creepy Cryptid to get this costume. The quest is covered in our side quest guide here.

Ghost – This costume is found in Dr. White’s Inner Sanctum. When you come out of the tooth look in the left and right corner for two chests. The last piece is in the bottom right corner of the area. Drop off from the top part and grab the chest to complete the costume. The Ghost can get you through the lasers.

I am updating this as I go along so check back for more!

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