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Cover Your Face, Canteen, Necluda Accessory – Garudo Classroom Quest For Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

In the Gerudo classroom there is an unmarked quest. In this guide we go over each objective including how to cover your face, where to buy the drink from the canteen, and where to find the accessory in Necluda.

This is quite an interesting event as it’s not actually a quest. Nothing appears in your journal, it’s not marked as a side quest or adventure. It’s simply a string of events that are linked together in the Garudo classroom. After you complete the Garudo storyline you can visit the classroom at night and offer to participate in the classes. Each women will speak with you in turn, and each struggles until you are able to fulfill their particular wish. You can only do these objectives inside the classroom when it is past 21:00 in-game time.

Cover Your Face, Canteen, Necluda Accessory – Garudo Classroom Quest For Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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The first two stages are very simple. For the first stage, any helmet that covers your face. You can find one here for free and it has fire resistance. Then you need to buy the drink from the canteen in Garudo Town. Finally, on to the accessory.

The accessory in Necluda is a necklace you can purchase from a small child in Kakariko Village. Visit the village in the morning and a small girl will run by with a flower wreath on her head. After 9am she sits at a small stall just near the statue. It’s not something you can pick up or physically store in your inventory. You have to place it on the floor and then combine it with a weapon or shield to bring with you.

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