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Credit Glitch In Dead Space

Credit Glitch In Dead Space

I don’t like to advertise cheats and glitches but for some games it is just better to do. In Dead Space there is a trophy/achievement called Maxed out, which as the name states wants you to max all weapons and equipment. Find out how to do this the quickest and most efficient way here!

Alright fist thing you need to know about this trophy/achievement is that you need Power nodes. Power nodes cost 10k each and it can add up very quickly. I’m not sure how many you need to max everything but if I had to assume I’d say about 150-200. Using this method you will duplicate and item know as Peng’s treasure(Also also getting you the tropy/achievement There’s always Peng). Peng’s Treasure sells for 30k each which is three Power Nodes making it go VERY quick compared to every other way in my opinion.

DiegoKnyte on youtube created a great video explaining how to do it and showing you as well right here. This saved me from going through the game again and let me get it all done on my first play through.

So if your like me and wanted to re beat Dead Space again before Dead Space 2 came out you might as well finished up all those trophy/achievements you had left as well. Look forward to Dead Space 2 on 01/25/11!

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