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Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes Guide
Wandering what each of the Attributes do? Or what Attributes to pick first in Cyberpunk 2077? Check out this Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes Guide for a breakdown on each of the different attributes and stats in the game, giving you the tools to craft a character that suits your own style.

Cyberpunk 2077 features a robust and versatile character progression system that has lots of paths of progression that you’re able to take. It’s worth noting here, there is no wrong choice. Every skill impacts and influences the game to a certain degree. While some will definitely encourage and reward specific play styles, it’s really about creating a character that you enjoy playing. That being said, if you want to build a bad ass assassin or a gung-ho Rambo lunatic, those options are there too.

Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes Guide

Your Reflexes govern several different perks and abilities. Higher level Reflexes allow you to capitalize more on specific weapon types, most notably Handguns, Blades, and Assault. This tree focuses on a lot of different weapons, but also increased crit chance. The Mantis Blade mod is improved by this also, but that is a mid tier upgrade so don’t focus on it for that early game.

Main Stats Effected – Pistol/Revolver buffs, Assault Rifle/SMG buffs, Knife and Katana buffs.

The Body attribute is the representation of your raw, physical prowess. It directly influences your health and stamina, both vital aspects of combat. It also improves grappling and multiple versions of melee attacks and abilities. It also allows you to force open doors, which can lead to new opportunities and loot but in most situations, especially in the story aspect of the game, there are always multiple ways to deal with a situation if you’re unable to break down a door.

Main Stats Effected – Endurance and HP, Shotguns and Light Machine Guns, and Blunt weapons like baseball bats and your fists.

Your Intelligence Attribute represents your abilities with Netrunning. It improves you ability to hack both people and machines. You will have reduced Ram cost for your hacks against enemies, such as blinding/deafening them, and quicker Ram recovery speed. You also get access to Daemons, which can inflict massive debuffs to people and machines. For instance you can make all cameras in the area blind for a few minutes, assuming you succeed on the hack.

Main Stats Effected – Quick Hack, Ram Recovery (for skills and abilities), and Daemons for debuffing enemies.

Everyone wants to ooze cool, right? Especially if the stealth or assassin approach suits your style of play. This is the key stat for stealth actions with a high success rate. It improves your stealth damage, crit rate, resistances, and also makes it more difficult for enemies to detect you when using stealth actions. You also gain access to cold blooded, which makes you stronger after killing an enemy. At low levels this means more movement speed and attack speed, but later on you become a regular butcher. Also improves Monowire damage, but that is a mid game weapon.

Main Stats Effected – Stealth and stealth movement speed, Buffing yourself after kills, and Monowire damage.

Technical Ability
Technical Ability is another option for opening doors that are locked with technical means. There is also a special category of weapons in the game, called Tech Weapons, that can only be used if you have high enough Technical Ability. Furthermore, it improves your proficiency when crafting items. You can also gain access to new crafting recipes through this tree. Engineering is another part of this and that improves grenade damage, radius, and came make it so your own grenades don’t hurt you.

Main Stats Effected – Crafting components and blueprints, and Grenades.

How To Build Your Character

Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes Guide
Keeping in mind that there is no right or wrong build, if you do want to build toward a specific play style, you’ll want to focus primarily on your approach to combat first. For example, investing into Reflexes is generally a good idea for most builds because it can improve your ability with most weapon types. Regardless of stealth or Rambo approach, you’re going to need to use your weapons.

If you want to focus on melee based stealth action, invest in Reflexes for the melee combat, Cool to increase your stealth and stealth damage, and Body for additional melee combat damage. If you want to focus more on a longer range build of the same style, switch it up into developing your ranged weapons instead.

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