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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Cyllage Gym Guide

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Cyllage City has the second gym in Pokemon X/Y and the owner uses Rock Pokemon. Inside the gym there are four trainers and the Gym leader. This guide will help you beat them all with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.


Pokemon X & Y Cyllage Gym Guide

The highest level Pokemon here are lvl 25 so bring Pokemon higher then lvl 30 to ensure victory. I used a grass Pokemon for most of the battles but bring a fighting Pokemon as well. After you get the badge Pokemon up to lvl 40 will obey you and you can use the HM strength.

Climb up the wall next to the guy at the start of the gym to get to the next level. Once you are up there you will pass Rising Star Didier and he will have two Pokemon, Dwebble lvl 21 and Relicanth lvl 23 with a weakness to grass type moves.

From there go up the left wall and follow it all the way around and down to the next level. Keep going all the way around until you see another wall and climb it to face off with Hiker Craig who has a lvl 24 Rogeenrola who is weak to grass moves. Then go back down and head around to face off a Rising Star with Solrock lvl 21 with a weakness to grass moves, and Lunatone lvl 22 who is also weak to grass moves.

Go up the wall next to the last Rising Star and you will run into Hiker Bernard who has three Pokemon. First he will us a lvl 21 Rhyhorn who is weak to grass moves, followed by a lvl 21 Nosepass who is also weak to grass moves, then lastly a lvl 21 Onix who is weak to grass moves as well.

After you beat Hiker Bernard heal up and climb up the last wall because next you face the gym leader Grant. He only has two Pokemon, a lvl 25 Amaura who is weak to grass moves and deals a ton of damage, and a lvl 25 Tyrunt who I think is weak to fighting moves but I couldn’t find out before I killed him. After that you will get the badge and the TM Rock Tomb.

That will end the Pokemon X & Y Cyllage Gym Guide, check back soon for more Pokemon guides!

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