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Dark Souls 2 Guide: Estus Shard And Sublime Bone Dust Guide

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In order to strengthen your Flask in Dark Souls 2 you will need to find Flask Shards and Sublime Bone Dust. They are scattered throughout the world and without them you will have a hard time with the game. This guide will help you find everything as you go along. Let’s get started.

Estus Flask Shards

Dark Souls 2 Estus Shards

Estus Flask Shard 1 – This one is very early in the game in the town of Majula. Head over to the giant hole in the middle of the area and past that you can see a well. Hit the rock down the well and the shard will come up on a body.

Estus Flask Shard 2 – You will need to beat the Last Giant in order to get the Soldier’s key for the room this shard is in. Once you have the key warp to the Cardinal Tower bonfire in the forest. With the key you can open the door upstairs and in the room past that you can find a chest with the flask shard inside.

Estus Shard 3 – This shard is found in No-man’s Warf. When you are leaving the area with the houses and going towards the ship you can find a house with a chest inside. The house basically looks like it was built into the wall and inside there are two bandits inside with some vases. Try to avoid rolling through the vases because they have poison inside of them. Open the chest after you take care of the bandits and inside you will find the shard. If you make it to the docks heading towards the ship then you have gone to far.

Estus Flask Shard 4 – Once you make it to the Holding cells in the Lost Bastille, keep going until you make it outside and have to fight a couple dogs and a guy with a giant pole arm. Once you kill them look for a huge broken slab of wall that you can go behind to gain access to a chest. Open that chest to get the shard.

Estus Flask Shard 5 – In the basement of the manor. You can retrieve the key to the house from Cale the Explorer in The Forest of Giants.

Estus Flask Shard 6 – In the Shaded Forest, across from the last Bonfire.

Estus Flask Shard 7 – At the Shaded Ruins in the basilisk pit there is a door that is unlockable with the Fang Key. Behind that door there is a chest containing an Estus Shard.

Estus Flask Shard 8 – In Bastille, at the first bonfire. Go down at where the Heilde Knight is. Fight the monsters, now continue on along the left side of the wall and at the end there will be a chest with Estus shard and a Large Titanite

Sublime Bone Dust

Dark Souls 2 Sublime Bone Dust

Sublime Bone Dust 1 – The first Bone Dust can be found at Heide’s Tower Of Flame, near the Heide’s ruin bonfire. Once there you will have a giant with a sword and shield waiting for you to pass. Kill him so he doesn’t get in the way in a bit. After you kill him you should see one with a two handed mace, this one has the bone dust so you have to kill him. After you kill him you will have to go to the first bonfire in order to strengthen the Flask.

Sublime Bone Dust 2 – Next head to Sinners’ Rise, the Saltfort bonfire and head down large elevator at the bottom of the tower near the fire. At the bottom of the elevator go into the water and wait for the monster to come to you. Once he comes to you kill him so you can move through the water easier. In the water look left and you can see the dust on a body.

Sublime Bone Dust 3 – After defeating the Great Iron King you may find a Sublime Bone Dust in a chest in the gutter.

Sublime Bone Dust 4 – In the boss room, you will have to jump after hot stones.

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