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Dark Souls Asylum Demon Guide

Dark Souls Asylum Demon Guide

Dark Souls is the sequel to Demon Souls and is equally as hard. The first boss you face off with is called the Aslyum Demon. He is a lot like the Grey Demon in the last game in which he hits slow and hard. This guide will help you bring him down. Let’s do it.

The first thing I will do in the Dark Souls Asylum Demon boss guide is tell you his abilities. If you played Demons Souls and recall the Grey demon then this won’t be to new to you.

His first ability is flying up and ground pounding. He will stay in the air a few seconds then hit you if you are close or under him. Roll or run from it to avoid it.

His other ability is with his giant pole. He can swipe side to side or over head on you. This is easy to avoid either roll under it or roll out of the way. Either way he is slow and if you keep your distance and hit him from behind. Not to much to his power.

The  next part of the Dark Souls Asylum Demon boss guide is the fight. There are many ways to bring him down but this is by far the easiest. The first time you face him don’t even fight him just run to the door in the top left corner of the room.

After you go through it you will have to go through a bit of the level to face him again. Once at the next fog take it and you will be in the same room as him again. Drop down and swing your melee weapons with both hands to do massive damage. At this point he will likely be below half and you can start to fight him.

If you are melee swing at his sides and back and don’t get in front of him or he will swing at you. Avoid the ground pound as well.

For ranged and magic keep your distance on him and unload. If you run out of arrows or mana you will just have to do melee.

Always use two hands with melee weapons because the shield is pretty useless on this fight. Dodge is much more important.

Keep hitting for a bit and you will bring him down.Good job.

That will end the Dark Souls Asylum Demon boss guide. Looking for more Dark Soul Boss Guides? Favorite our Complete Boss Walkthrough Guide for the latest Boss Fight Guides.

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