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Dark Souls Bell Gargoyle Guide

Dark Souls Bell Gargoyle Guide

The next big boss in Dark Souls is called the Bell Gargoyles. These are a lot like the man eaters in the last game. They are not to powerful so you won’t have much trouble if you follow this guide. Anyways let’s start this battle.

The first thing we will go over in the Dark Souls Bell Gargoyle boss guide is his abilities. First thing you need to be aware of is that another gargoyle will come down after you drop the first one to half hp. It won’t have full hp but it is still dangerous.

The first ability the will use is with the halberd. It can swipe multiple times but not with much range, fly in the air and smash it down over your head, and just plain try to impale you with it. All of can be dodged so if you see him getting ready to swing juke out of the way and hit him.

His next ability is on his tail. I only seen him do this once but he turned around and started using his tail like a hammer trying to pound me like a nail. It can hit you multiple times if you get caught so be mindful of that. You can also cut his tail off.

The last ability he will use is breathing fire. He has to take a bit of a breath so you can tell when this is going to happen. This is more for the second gargoyle because the first one doesn’t use it unless he corners you. If you can tell he is about to use it either sprint past him completely or run kind of far back.

Next for the Dark Souls Bell Gargoyle boss guide is the actual fight. Right when you come onto the roof the boss will fly down at you. How I beat him was I used the Drake Sword which is acquired from the dragons tail right here. It is pretty easy just dodge any of his attack with a roll and hit him.

For the over head ground pound swing dodge left or right and once he lands hit him once or twice if you can and he will jump back.

For the three hit side swipe combo jump back each time until he misses his last slash and then go in and hit him.

For the lunge attack just dodge left or right and swing at him once you recover.

Remember he will likely fly or jump back from each attack you give him. The fight is easy until the second one arrives. Once you get the first one down to half you need to burn him down ASAP and not let them group up or you will likely bite the dust. Swing like mad and burn him down.

Once the second one lands he will try to spit fire at you unless you are close. If you are close he will swing at you and you can do any of the above mentioned tricks. If he tries to spit fire at you run at him from the side so you avoid the fire if you think you can make it, or run back from it and wait for it to clear then go hit him. The fire can hit you multiple times as well.

Even if you can’t burn down the melee one fast enough and both of them are fighting you, you have to kill the melee one first or he will just keep coming at you.

One last not don’t get cornered at the bell tower or they will both use fire on you and kill you really fast.

Follow the above and you will have beat the boss. Good job.

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  1. very good tactica i agree completely, another (fairly) good tactic (it took me a few tries) is if you are a pyro or any mage and you have heavy soul arrow, it can do some mojor damage from a distance (7 ish hits for kill) and it will occaisionally interrupt their weapon swing process (fireball also works well) but i found conventional melee with drake sword to work best, hope this helps!

  2. OR, you can use the summoning sign JUST before you go through the white light, and summon that SUN dude you, hopefully, talked to before going over the dragon bridge. You’ll find the summoning sign on the floor like you would the orange ones all over for hints. then you’ll be able to take on both of them with a little NPC help.

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