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Dark Souls Capra Demon Guide

Dark Souls Capra Demon Guide

The next boss in Dark Souls is called the Capra Demon. Just like the last two demon bosses he is just a big angry demon and fairly simple to bring down. Still this guide will help you do it with little effort. Let’s do it.

This first thing on the Dark Souls Capra Demon boss guide is his abilities. He doesn’t have much but he is fast and strong so stay on your toes!

First is his lunge attack. He will likely do this almost as soon as you go through the door. He will jump at you and try to hit you with both swords. This can be blocked or evaded. I prefer evade but be careful not to get stuck in a corner or you are dead.

Next is the traditional swings. He is duel wielding so he can swing fast and do a ton more damage the any other bosses so far. I wouldn’t recommend blocking this unless you have a ton of stamina because he will burn yours down quick. Dodge it but don’t be locked on to him or else you will likely just roll into a spot he will hit you again.

Lastly isn’t really an ability but he has two dogs with him. Kill them first and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. I beat him really fast so I am not 100% sure if he can summon more or not.

Next on the Dark Souls Capra Demon boss guide is the fight. As stated above this fight was over extremely fast for me. What I did and recommend is summoning two people to help you. You have to open the fog gate obviously but after that let them take the agro. You kill the dogs then focus on him. With three people hitting him he died within seconds on mine.

Now for the solo run I saw my friend do. He went in and dodged the attack the boss did. After that he made a break for the steps and crossed onto a ledge that the boss didn’t follow him to. He then lunge attack the boss doing some crazy damage but left himself open to attack. At this point he dealt with the dogs then repeated to kill the boss. I would kill the dogs before trying this because he almost died. Also if you use magic or arrows this is a prime spot to pick him off. He may be able to jump and hit you though so watch out for that.

That will end the Dark Souls Capra Demon boss guide.

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