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Dark Souls Ceaseless Dischard Guide

Dark Souls Ceaseless Dischard Guide

The next boss in Dark Souls is called Ceaseless Discharge. This boss doesn’t attack you right away but you can see him watching you. This boss guide will help you bring him down on your first try. Let’s go!

The first thing I will do in the Dark Souls Ceaseless Discharge boss guide is go over his attacks. He really only has two and you will only have to deal with one.

His first attack is a fire ball. If he has a clear shot at you and you are far away he will shoot fire at you. Kind of hard to dodge because the path is narrow so just block it with the dragon shield.

His main attack is him using a giant arm to pummel you with. After he attack the arm stays for a couple second and that is how you attack him. Dodging the arm is pretty easy but the shock wave might stun you briefly.

Now on to the fight part of the Dark Souls Ceaseless Discharge boss guide. First off you don’t start the fight(unless you hit him) until you get the armor from the shrine. Once you do that you will hear him roar and that means it is time to run a bit. It doesn’t matter where you run to he will follow on the out skirts and attack you.

The easiest way to kill him is this. There is a small path that has mountains on both sides. Stay in the middle of that and let him see you. He will jerk back and start to swing his arm at you. Once he does that dodge the attack and then hit his arm. This fight is all about timing if you can dodge his arm you will win if you just keep it up. It’s an extremely easy fight this way. Good job.

That will end the Dark Souls Ceaseless Discharge boss guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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