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Dark Souls Chaos Witch Quelaag Guide

Dark Souls Chaos Witch Quelaag Guide

The next big boss in Dark Souls is called Chaos Witch Quelaag. She is a giant spider that can spit fire and has a naked chick on top. This guide will get you through the fight with no problems. The fight is hard so I recommend a friend or two. Let’s get started.

First thing for the Dark Souls Chaos Witch Quelaag boss guide is her abilities. She has a couple but you will most likely be hit by her fire to I recommend the dragon crest shield fir increased fire resistance.

Her first ability is fire spit, well more like lava spit. She will spit fire in a large radius in front of herself and the fire will stick around for about 30 seconds. Stepping into this will result in damage to yourself. Be wary of this attack because you can quickly be cornered and ended if you don’t watch where you are fighting at.

Her next ability is a melee attack. I’m not sure what she uses but a red 360 arc directly in front of her will hit almost anyone in front of her within melee range. I really don’t advise fighting her in the face so you shouldn’t even have to worry about this one.

Her last ability is a tricky one. She lets out an AoE roar that will damage anyone fairly close to her. This is the thing you will have to worry about the most if you are attacking from behind. It’s hard to tell when she will do it, the only thing I noticed was that she roared but she does that for the fire spit as well.

If you are attacking her from the side you will have to watch out of her legs to go up. If they do dodge or else they will come down on you and do some pretty serious damage. If you are on the opposite side of where the legs are coming down you will be fine.

Also note that she can jump fairly far so if you run away to heal make sure you make it a pretty far run.

Now onto the fight part of the Dark Souls Chaos Witch Quelaag boss guide. As stated above bring some help if you can preferably a magic guy and a melee. Having a balanced party really helps in these boss fights.

Almost as soon as you get in there she will try to run at you and spit fire. She does have a brief delay before the fire comes out so you should be able to dodge it and get behind her. While she is spitting the fire you should get in 4-5 hits but don’t stay to long or else she’ll get you with the AoE. While the melee hits her from behind the mage or archer should be ranging her constantly. If either of the get agro from the boss have them kite her a bit while you hit her. For those of you who don’t know what kiting is they basically hold the aggression of the monster on them and run around hitting them without being hit themselves. This allows for the melee to get in and do some major damage, though expect her attention to turn back to the melee shortly.

For about half her HP she will be laying down the fire quite a bit allowing you to do some damage. At about half she will get a bit more aggressive and do the roar and melee swipe more often. Don’t fight her head on because you will be mauled. The roar is hard to dodge but you can block some of the damage if you can tell when it is coming.

Every time she spits fire be sure to get a couple more hits on her just make sure it is on an angle she can’t get you with her fire or melee hit.

This fight is pretty basic just run in and hit her when she spits fire and run out before she ends it. Ranged and mages should try to kite or always keep the pressure on. Never fight her head on or you risk losing the fight. If she is focused on someone else in your party then it is your turn to hit her. Never stick around to long though or else you may risk being killed.

That will end the Dark Souls Chaos Witch Quelaag boss guide.

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