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Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla Guide

Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla Guide

This boss is an odd one because you don’t have to fight her if you don’t want. She is called Crossbreed Priscilla and is in the painting world. This Dark Souls Boss Guide will help you bring her down if you wish to kill her. Let’s go.

The first thing for the Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla boss guide is her attacks. She will go invisible as soon as you attack and likely one more time before the fight is over.

Her first attack is just a scythe swing. She will swing her scythe at you and you can either block or dodge. It doesn’t hurt to much but I wouldn’t take a hit if you can avoid it.

Her second attack is putting up what almost looks like a blizzard. I’m not really sure what it does but I did notice my stamina drain really fast so I assume it does that. Run out of it.

Her last and most dangerous attack is being invisible. She will go invisible and start attacking you. You can still hit her if you can see where she strikes and it will make her come out of stealth faster. The issue her is she does a lot more damage while stealthed and can make you bleed in two hits. Have those red flowers ready. Roll and run to avoid her hits. If you hit an invisible wall attack or roll so she doesn’t wreck you.

She has a tail and you can cut it off. I wasn’t able to but if you can I think you get her weapon.

Now on to the fight part of the Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla boss guide. Once you get inside you can talk to her. She will tell you that if you want to leave just go over to the edge and fall off. She is right you can do that if you want to avoid this fight.

Get behind her and do as much damage as you can as fast as you can to start the fight. She will instantly go stealth and now you have to run around and wait for her to miss. You can tell by the noise she makes form the swing and slightly see the swing. You can take a gamble and hit her or not. I hit her every time I could and it broke her stealth so I’m not sure if she will come out without being hit.

Once she is visible all you have to do is avoid or block the swing. Doing that is fairly easy. Just do as much damage to her as you can while she is visible. I got her down to about 15% before she went stealth again but I had a couple of really good people with me.

Once she is stealth repeat the process like last time then finish her off once she comes out of stealth. Do that and you will win. Good job.

That will end the Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla boss guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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