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Dark Souls Easy Humanity Guide

Dark Souls Easy Humanity Guide
In order to make yourself human again in Dark Souls you need humanity that you will use at a fire. This guide will help you get some quick and easy. This is a work in progress and I will update as I find easier ways.

Dark Souls quick and easy Humanity guide 1 – The fastest and easiest way to get humanity is to join another player and help him kill a boss. I normally place my soul sign right outside the Capra Demon or the Gaping Dragon and do some grinding while I wait for a summon. The Capra Demon is really fast but not worth much while the Gaping Dragon is the opposite. Either way any boss is worth a humanity assuming you survive the fight. I recommend this if you aren’t that far in the game yet.

Dark Souls quick and easy Humanity guide 2 – You can get a humanity from any enemy by chance. Not the actual item you need to use to get it, but just a straight humanity to your body. It isn’t to uncommon but it could take a bit of a grind so I wouldn’t recommend this unless you want some souls.

Dark Souls quick and easy Humanity guide 3 – Rats in the sewers. These guys will drop the humanity item fairly often actually. If I think I need some or just want some extra healing I go down there to the bonfire and clear out all the rats near the Gaping dragon entrance. I can normally get one per run two if I’m lucky. This is the best method I’ve found so far so if you are at the sewer I would use this. If you haven’t made it yet you may have to do one of the above mentioned.

Dark Souls quick and easy Humanity guide 4 – As you are going through the Capra Demon are and before you go into the depths there is a tower. Taking this tower all the way up will open you a shortcut back to the Fire Light shrine(I think that’s what it’s called anyways). In this sewer path there is an undead behind the bars. He will sell you many things including humanity for 5000* (I must of read the thing above it or below it thinking it was only 800) souls. You can do this if you want but I really think finding them is better unless you really want to summon.

That will end the Dark Souls quick and easy Humanity guide. Have a quicker way of doing it that  I don’t know about? Tell me in the comments and I’ll give you credit.

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  1. if you manage to get the 20k souls required for the Key item from the blacksmith and have no quelms killing humans you can grind the human Covenant members behind the wall in the forrest, this is great because there is a bonfire near the door which they are behind, and they are all worth at least 1000 souls… most are 2000.

      1. Also if you’re a higher level and have made it to Anor Londo, go grind the Heavy Knights and the Silver Knights there. They’re easy to kill and give massive souls. 2000 per kill. Then go back to the merchant in the Depths-Firelink Shrine shortcut (I call her Vee Hee) and buy massive amounts of Humanity pretty cheaply. I lost all my humanity a little while ago whle fighting Ornstien and this method worked perfectly because of my surplus of souls. It’s a bit of a walk but if you have all the shortcuts unlocked it shouldn’t be a hassle.

        1. I used to use the Silver Knight method until i discovered the FAR more profitable Painted World method. 1st Bonfire – 3 hollows – run into Phalanx and cast Firestorm – finish off any survivors – back to bonfire. 12K+ souls in a couple of minutes. i got half a million souls this morning in very little time.

  2. Clearly, nobody that commented even looked at the name of this guide. This is for Humanity. Quick and easy Humanity, not Souls.

  3. For this method you have to have placed the lord vessel on its altar.

    I’ve found the baby skeletons before you fight Gravelord Nito to be quite good for humanity. Group all of them up (about 8 or 9) then kill them all in about 2-3 attacks and spam your loot button as their bodies will disappear in about 2-3 seconds and the humanity they dropped will disappear along with it. I got 50 humanity in about 1 hour or so doing this. Also be sure to bring repair powder along, I had to repair my katana at least 3 times doing this.

    1. The small baby skeletons before Nito drop almost every time, even if you’re hallow. Because they endlessly respawn, there’s no need for bonfires. It’s more about endurance run but the payoff is higher than anywhere else I’ve been in the game

  4. On the bottom floor of Duke’s Archive, with 210 Item Discovery, I kill the squid monsters outside of Big Hat Logan’s cell, and I get 1-3 humanity each time. There are about 10 of them. Each of the monsters also gives 800 souls, so you can soul grind and get humanity at the same time.

  5. The best place to farm humanities EVER is in the Duke’s Archives. When you’re killed by Seath and are in jail, simply die again and the alarm will be off. Rush down the stairs and kill all those blue octopus with the Covetus Silver Ring and the Mimic Helmet. They drop lots of humanity, and will give you +- 12000 souls (8000 + 40% from ring and helmet). Now, rush up the stairs, rest at the bonfire and repeat or use a homeward bone (you can buy 99 for 49500 souls, looks expensive, but it’s totally worth with. Doing this, you are going to win more or less 12000 souls and 1 Humanity per minute.

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