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Dark Souls Easy Souls Guide

Dark Souls Easy Souls Guide

In Dark Souls you must use souls to level up. The more you level the more souls it will require to get your next level. This guide will help you get quick and easy souls as you play through the game. Let’s get to grinding.

I am listing areas as I go and I think give a decent amount of souls for the littlest amount of work possible. If you know something I don’t please leave a comment so I can add it and I will give you credit.

Dark Souls quick and easy souls guide 1 – This first one is kind of for the lower level people so if you are above 20 you may want to skip it. At the bridge where the dragon is there are 4 guys. The dragon will kill all these guys in a hit if you run close enough for him to spit fire. They give about 300 souls. Now if you use the ladder to go back down to the bonfire you can respawn them and get these souls about every 30 seconds or so. Just take the ladder back up run into the enemies then run back down the steps so you don’t get hit by the fire.

Dark Souls quick and easy souls guide 2 – In Blight town after you make your way through the swamp and to the campfire near the swamp(the one that has a chest if you take the path all the way up) you will have a black phantom NPC invade your world. This NPC has a giant sword, hardly any armor, and a bad shield. What you want to do is avoid his swings and kill him. His sword has a massive hit time some avoiding it is pretty simple. Anyways avoid it and bring him down and you will get over 8000 souls. Now you can only fight him once but if you put your summon stone at that campfire you can be summoned to someone else’s world and face him again. The fire is before you face him so it is likely they will grab you before venturing fourth since this place is dangerous. After bringing him down again you can either go back to your own world or help him with the boss which nets you an additional 10k souls but is not that easiest fight in the world. Your call.

Dark Souls quick and easy souls guide 3 – After ringing both bells return to the Fire Link Shrine. In the area where a treasure chest was already opened you will see a giant serpent(the area had like ankle deep water and the crow is watching over it). Talk to him and accept what he has to say. After that speak to him again and you can feed him items for souls. He will eat anything that you can get rid of thus making all the equipment and items you don’t use worth something finally. Feed everything you want to him but be warned you can’t get it back.

That will end the Dark Souls quick and easy souls guide. If you know an area that is worth checking out let me know and I’ll give you credit!

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  1. I find the skeleton babies MUCH faster for late game humanity gain, though I guess it doesn’t count as “easy” until you actually get to them.

    After about 2-3 hours of straight grinding I had accrued 200k souls and almost 60 humanity with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Equipped. (each baby gives about 121 souls per kill)

    Only problem of course, is the danger. Getting to that area (pretty much the last room in the Tomb of the Giants right before the boss) is not that easy. The area is also full of pinwheel servants but you can actually ignore them if you want. As soon as you enter the area, there is a slope leading down a little ways forward and to the right. Enter the water, let a few of them spawn, run back to the land, kill them, and then rinse and repeat ad nauseum until you’re satisfied (or until you’re weapon is about to break, in which case run back to the bonfire to repair it provided you have a repair box.

  2. Adding to the third guide, I’ve heard that the prism stones sold by the female undead merchant can be given the giant serpent by 100 souls each, costing only 10 to buy if I’m not mistaken.
    Also, now an extra guide, after opening the sealed gate on Darkroot Garden, you can farm in two ways: First, pulling all human and ghost enemies in the area dashing throuh them and bringing them to the stairs right after the gate, go and stay to the left corner of it near the abyss and wait for them to jump on you, miss, and suicide, each human giving 2k souls and ghost 3k. Second, if passed through them already and joined the forest hunter convenats, you can use the trees on the area just pulling them near one of both humam or ghost and staying behind them while the tree does the rest and kills the guy.

  3. at the top of blight town use the bonfire then kill all enermies in the area then die, go retrieve your souls and kill all enemies again… rinse and repeat

  4. heya, so after you acquire the crest seal for the forest hunter coveniant use the ring that nulls all noise u make and makes you transparent and back attack all forest hunter npcs in area. total of 3 thats worth it for 6k each on ng+. note that the knights dnt respawn nor the archer n the axeman is only worth half so just do the sorcerrer the wanderer and the cleric and you can do those in 1min runs once you find your nitch in doing em so 18k pet min kinda kewl kinda dulls out after sl150 though.so them you go to anor londo perferrablly after you filled lord vessel for your convience of being at end game status.anyways kill huge lady.dnt feel bad shes just an illusion. then anor londo becomes dark anor londo and then sit at the bon fire outside of her throne room. then fall off the cracks to land bellow. need health above 8bars to survive run to main hallway pond a pot to heal and kill the two human formed npc for 15k each. use waypoint or wayward bone pop back up sit at bon fire roll back down heal kill and if 30k every 30sec isnt enugh for you then gl cause i gurantee i cant find anyone whos doing it exactly like this thats post it anyway.so enjoy it but rem ng+ for 3x exp get your grind on. o and ng++ fails.instead of 6k per kill in forest i get 6420 woohoo ya whatever haha.latter ^^

  5. Ariel : Confirmed. The undead lady sells prism for 10 souls and serpent buys it for 100. Buy max of 99 units each time and you can do close to 250k souls/hour. Only takes 2 minutes to make the round trip. Easy as hell, only danger is not to fall out of bordeom.

    1. This one is false. You cannot feed the prism stones to the serpent. Don’t let this fool misguide you into wasting souls like he did me.

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