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Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul Locations

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul Locations

In Dark Souls you now have a flask that will heal you and can be recharged at a bonfire. In order to upgrade the heal on the flask you will need a Fire Keeper Soul. Without these you will not make it far in the game. This guide will list the locations. Let’s go. Note I am doing this as I go if you find one I didn’t please let me know and I’ll give you credit.

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide 1 – The first Fire Keeper Soul is fairly early in the game. After  the crow drops you off near the fire you should see a guy standing near it. To the left off him are some stairs that are hard to see. Take though but watch your footing it is dangerous. At the bottom you will see a cage. In that cage is the person who will upgrade your flask. Keep following the path down until you step on a switch and an elevator takes you down.

You will now be in the ruins. If you go left you should see some water and a bridge you can cross. Cross the bridge but be careful once you get to the end because of the ghosts. You will need to use Transient Curse or magic on them to bring them down. You can run past them if you want but they will chase you.

Where you find the first two ghosts is where we want to be. If you go right in the shallow water and keep looking back towards the way you came you should see the glowing orb on the ground. You will quickly see the path to it. It is a very narrow route and once wrong step means death to take your time. Once you get there be sure to grab the item and be ready to fight. Three more ghosts will spawn and you can kill them if you are able or die but still have the soul. After you get that bring it back up to the caged person and get the upgrade!

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide 2 – This one isn’t until past the giant metal boar. Once you make it to the church with the bell tower(also the building on which you fight the Belltower Gargoyles) you will see an alter and a large knight protecting it. This guy gives the illusion or being strong. Bust out the dragon sword and go towards him. All he will really do is try to hit you with his sword and block your attacks. Dodge his sword swipe and hit him a few times with the sword to bring him down with little effort. Grab the item he is protecting and you can upgrade your flask again. If you don’t take the steps up in the church and keep going you will see an elevator. Take that elevator and you will be closer to the person who can upgrade your flask as well. Don’t worry you can take it back up afterwards.

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide 3 – This one is in Blighttown so be sure to have some poison/toxic healing items. From the bonfire in the swamp(the one with a chest all the way up the ramp) you will want to take a right and follow the swamp around until you see a way up a wooden platform. Once you climb that you will see a water wheel that has platforms for you to get on. Get on one and take it to the top. You have to make the jump but also not jump to far once you make it or else you will have to re do this part. Now keep going up until you see a blue path(same type of area as the bonfire was in). It should have blow dart guys shooting at you. On top is the toxic enemies and below are chimeras. You need to arrow or get close to the toxic guys and take them down because if you leave them they will wreck you once you go down below. I want to say there is 5 in total. After clearing them out stay on the top path and once you can make a left do so and you will find a hidden blow dart guy. Deal with him and on the other side of him is a soul. Below him is the Fire Keeper Soul but it is guarded by two chimeras. Deal with them and claim it.

Now assuming you beat the Quelagg boss and rang the bell your original fire watcher may be dead so we will have to find a different person to use. After beating the Quelagg boss you will take some steps down into a sort of ruins area that has egg sacs I’d have to guess all over. In the center is a platform with a circle in the middle of it. If you are on that looking through the already broken wall look left a bit and break the wall there. Inside is a Quelagg that wants you to join her covenant. Your call it’s a trophy.achievement though and she will also upgrade your flask for you. In order to speak with her properly you need the old witches ring.

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide 4 – Inside the Duke’s Archives you should fine Big Hat Logan behind some bars if you didn’t kill him. He will ask for assistance. You have to find the ring and open the door in order to free him. Back behind him is another Fire Keeper Soul. Grab it.

Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide – Killing any fire watcher will also get you a Fire Keeper Soul. The Quelaag covenant leader, the Gold Armor lady in Anor Londo and the Gold Armor guy you free from the church tower(if you let him live he will kill the Firelink shrine girl so you won’t be able to use the fire there). If you kill all of them though you won’t be able to upgrade your flask so pick which one you want to live.

That will end the Dark Souls Fire Keeper Soul location guide. Check back soon for updates!

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