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Dark Souls Gaping Dragon Guide

Dark Souls Gaping Dragon Guide

Okay finally we have a big epic boss. The next boss in Dark SoulsĀ  is called the Gaping Dragon. This guy is really tough and I highly advise you bring two companions and one of them use magic. This guide will help you bring him down when you face him. Let’s do it!

This first thing for the Dark Souls Gaping Dragon boss guide is his abilities. This guy is huge and all his abilities are kind of hard to dodge so a ranged in your group is a plus. Also he has a mage on the third floor shooting down at you. I didn’t try to kill him so I’m not sure if it is possible.

They key to this fight as a melee is in and out in and out. Don’t stay to long and have a mage or archer shooting him constantly.

His first ability is his slam. Pretty basic he will throw himself down on you and try to hurt you. This can be dodged or ran back from. I’m not sure a shield can block it. If he missed he will be down for a couple seconds and you can hit him.

Second ability is a swipe. He can swipe left or right and you can easily roll back or block some of the damage.

Next is the flying slam. He will take off into the air and try to slam on someone. Just run and roll as he is about to land to avoid it.

Lastly the most dangerous is the eat you ability. He will grab you and eat you if you are in front of him or he can grab you. You can tell when he will do it because the mouth will go way back and some rocks will move at his feet. Just run when you see this don’t even bother sticking around for it.

Now onto the fight for the Dark Souls Gaping Dragon boss guide. As stated above constantly be aware of the mage up top or try to kill him.

As soon as you are able to fight this guy will likely be charging you. Dodge it and if he drops down from his slam hit him once or twice.The mage or archer should be firing as well.

Once he recovers try to make him hit a pillar with a slam. This can be done by standing in front of the pillar and dodging his slam. The range should be shooting him still while he does this. Once he gets briefly stunned it is time to cut off his tail. You don’t have to do this but you will get a special axe by doing so, assuming you collect the tail. Anyways by the time you get back there you might only be able to hit him a couple times so run out.

Do this again on another pillar and repeat the process till about half health. At half hp he will get much more aggressive and you will likely be running low on pillars. That’s okay at this point he will be doing the fly slam much more. Once he does that and missed strike him once or twice. Be wary of this though because at this point he is also looking to eat you. Once you see his mouth open wide and his head go back just run away. If you can get him to hit a pillar then good job but if not just dodge the flying slam and burn him down.

Now at about 10% he will go crazy. All he will do now is jump around slamming all over. It is really dangerous for a melee to be close to let the range finish the job while you at this point. If you have no range then you will have to run him into a pillar if you have any. If not then it’s going to be hard. You will have to get to his side and hit him once or twice before he can adjust his angle to hit you. Just use whatever weapon does the most damage for you. I still used the Drake sword on him.

That will end the Dark Souls Gaping Dragon boss guide.

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  1. Is in and out, in and out..Yeahhhhh I’d like to be doing that right now:) hahaa..
    Honestly, yes you can kill that dude who shoots magic at you.
    He is located with rats in an area you have access to before going to the boss.
    Try it baby babe.

  2. You forgot two attacks, first is his tail swipe, and second is when he vomits (XD) it spreads vomit in a medium sized area which greatly damages your equipment.

  3. You should also mention that Lightning weapons are very effective against him. I beat him with the crystal sword I bought just before the boss entrance. On few try I used Lightning powder on my sword, wich was VERY effective (damages X2), but then I ran out of it, but I managed to kill him without it. I was alone, btw. No need to use pillars, just run until he tries to slam you, then you are 100% sure he will walks straight toward him, blindly. As he walks, run behind him, and when he stops, slash his ass as much as you can, then run away and repeat. šŸ™‚

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