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Dark Souls Getting Past The Dragon

Dark Souls Getting Past The Dragon
After the Taurus Demon in Dark Souls you will have to get past the Dragon on the bridge. All he does is wait for you to get close and will spit fire. This guide will get you past him with no problems. Let’s go!

The first thing you will need to do for the Dark Souls getting past the Dragon guide is of course getting to the Dragon. If you keep following the path from the Taurus Demon you will come to a large bridge. Once you take a few steps out of it the Dragon will come and kill all the enemies and likely hit you. After that he will post up at the other wall and wait for you to get close.

The next part of the Dark Souls getting past the Dragon guide is getting past him. If you look down the bridge about halfway you should see a left and a right area you can hide in. The right area has a set of stairs we want to get down. With your shield up make a break for it and you should make it just barely. You might get hit at the stairs but you shouldn’t die. Take the stairs down because if you wait to long he will come to you and finish you.

After taking the stairs down head left and down the other set of steps. Kick the ladder down and you will be at the Bonfire you are likely tied to. At this point I recommend buying a bow and about 100 arrows if you don’t have them already so you can do some damage to the dragon.

After you kick the ladder down take the other path and you will be under the large bridge. Shimmy the left side and you will see a a spear zombie. When you move towards him and get to the more open area under the bridge you will also see a sword one. Kill the sword one then deal with the spear guy. After that you should see the entrance to the undead parish. There a couple rats in here you need to kill so you don’t get poisoned. After that take the ladder up and you are past the Dragon.

If you want you can shoot at the dragon from down below it but don’t expect to kill it at the moment. The reason we brought the bow for this part at least is to break the Dragon’s tail. While under the bridge sit on the right side and shoot the tail. He will fly towards you but still land above you. His tail we swoop down under you and you have to shoot it. If you hit it then a sword will drop eventually called the Drake Sword. It is pretty good but you need some stats to use it. Keep shooting him it took me about 60 arrows with a light bow.

That will end the Dark Souls getting past the Dragon guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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  1. Just shooting the tale does not kill the dragon he is still alive but without his tail! when you go back to the undead burg he grows his tail back i still cannot find out how to fully kill the dragon

    1. Um how is it misleading this i show you get past him and continue the game? If you can’t then you might as well go sell it back? Sorry you couldn’t find what you were looking for but people need to know how to get past him.

    2. getting past the Dragon – the guide then tells you how to get past the dragon.

      I fail to see how it is misleading. I suggest in future you try to leave constructive feedback so we can improve things, rather than just moan and give us no way of knowing what your actual issue is.

    3. If you want to get to the bonfire the red dragon is guarding: run up so the dragon starts breathing fire run back down the stairs run up and wait by the wall and when the dragon jumps down run for the life of you to room light the bonfire, and rest.

  2. I don’t know what I do wrong. I just cannot get past this point. I even watch video on YouTube and do as in video but I get killed by dragon before I’m even close to the stairs. I’m wearing light armor and run fast with shield up but don’t even make it halfway.

  3. Ok, so I have gotten past the dragon, killed the knight up the stairs, and what not but i cant see him from atop the tower. Why can’t i see him and i have checked a 360° circle around the top. I also cannot get past the gargole and yet i have read the guide to it. I have hit the dragon in the tail but it only flys down bridge breathing flame. Please help!!

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