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Dark Souls Giant Rat Guide

Dark Souls Giant Rat Guide

This one isn’t so much a boss but you do have to deal with it. Once in the sewers in Dark Souls(after the Capra Demon) you will find a Giant Rat. Of all the giant enemies in the game this is by far the easiest. Still getting caught will be your death so this guide will get you through it nice and easy. Let’s go.

So the first thing for the Dark Souls Giant Rat boss guide is his ability. Like I said this guy is really easy and only have one attack. He will jump at you and bite you. That’s it that’s all he has. Still it can poison you in two hits and will take a large chuck of your HP if you let him hit you. Do not get cornered or he will beat you.

The next part of the Dark Souls Giant Rat boss guide is the fight. I don’t even know if I’d call this a fight it’s so easy.

What I did was attempt to lunge attack from above but had my inventory screen still open and couldn’t land it. Once I missed I just went guns blazing with my Drake sword and dropped him in about 8 hits. He hit me once and I dodged the other one. Landing a lunge attack on this thing would really make it go faster as well. This is the way I did it, but there is an easier way.

Firebombs, daggers, arrows and magic can all be used above with a lock on or free aim. Sit up above him and just fire until he dies and avoid any problems. May take a bit more time then the direct approach but it also saves you the hassle of losing your souls. Nice job on beating him though.

That will end the Dark Souls Giant Rat boss guide.

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