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Dark Souls Iron Golem Guide

Dark Souls Iron Golem Guide

The first boss in Sen’s Fortress is called the Iron Golem. This Dark Souls boss guide will help you bring him down quick. He reminds me a lot of the tower knight form the first game and I would advised two others if you can manage it. Let’s go.

First thing for the Dark Souls Iron Golem boss guide is his attacks. He is very large and even his jumps can knock you back and stun you.

His first attack is his swings. He has a large axe which has a huge arc. He can swing it down or to the side. He has a slow swing so if you aren’t mid swing yourself you should be able to dodge either of them no problem. I would advise a roll instead of a block because this one will take a lot of your stamina.

His second attack is a jump. When he jumps back he can stun you briefly and leave you open to attack. If he lands on you it will hurt you but if you are in the general area of his feet you will be stunned. Roll out of the way or run to avoid this.

His last attack is pretty brutal. He will lift his foot up and just start slamming it down. If you care caught under it you better hope you have some good defense or else you are a goner. Once you see his foot go up roll or run out of the way.

He can also launch a ranged attack that sort of looks like wind. If you see him swing in the distance at nothing put your should up or dodge. This is only used at the start of the fight I’ve found.

Now on to the fight part of the Dark Souls Iron Golem boss guide. Once you start you should see him across the bridge. He will try to hit you with his ranged attack which you can easily avoid. If you do and have magic or ranged you can hurt him before he gets to you.

Once he gets to you the real fight begins. If you are ranged you can keep distance and just watch for his jumps but melee has to be wary of everything.

If you see his axe go back or up get out of the way quick.

If you see his foot go up run from him.

If he jumps just wait for him to land then go back and hit him some more.

Avoiding his attack are key to the fight because if he lands one he won’t quit unless someone else in your party is laying into him.

Anyways for a melee all you have to do is attack his legs while you can. He will keep attacking and you keep dodging. At about 25% he will kneel over. This is your chance to really damage him. Go all out because until he recovers he can’t fight back. With enough damage you can finish him here. If not don’t worry he will be really weak and you can finish him before he gets in any major attacks. Good job.

That will end the Dark Souls Iron Golem boss guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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